1. Deeeply understand the needs of users and work site conditions, provide proper solution project.

2. According to the requirement on the contract, make production plans, determine the production procedure.

3. Producing in strict accordance with the production procedure, with specialized technical personnel guiding to ensure products quality.



1. Reasonable packaging, ensure that package meet the export and users location requirements, save shipping space and shipping costs.

2. Ensure products to deliver to the designated location in time



After productsdelivery, if there is any problem (including appearance damage), we will timely maintain, replace damaged parts or replace new products.


Installation and training

1. We will provide users with technical documents for technical guidance, ensure proper installation and usage.

2. If necessary, we assign professional engineer work site to install, site testing, finish equipment installation, commissioning, startup, operation, etc.

3. The professional engineer will be responsible for free training of installation, maintenance and operation, including: proper operation knowledge, common trouble methods

Technical advice

24 hours online, timely give feedback, professional person make a record of problems, provide problem-solving method. If you need on-site guidance, we will arrange professionals to the designated place for timely guidance.