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Adding lubricant to crane machine

09 17, 2019

Precautions for adding lubricant to crane machine

1. Add or replace lubricants on time and according to regulations;

2. Add lubricating oil should be added with the lubricating oil of the same grade, different grades can not be mixed;

3. When changing oil, use the same lubricating oil or the same grade of oil for washing. If the oil viscosity is high, it can be heated properly and then rinsed;

4. Filter filtration is required during refueling;

5. The magnet of the oil drain plug should be cleaned;

6. After cleaning, need to tighten the oil drain screw plug immediately, and then seal the oil hole with new oil;

7. Before adding new rope grease to the steel wire, it is necessary to clean the old oil with a rag soaked in kerosene.

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