Precast Lifting Single Beam Gantry Crane

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Precast Lifting Single Beam Gantry Crane

Single beam gantry crane with hook are avaible for loading, unloading, transfering work in outdoor or railway, high performance, reliability, accuracy, low operating costs and low energy consumption.

Single beam gantry crane is modular and standardization design, the whole steel structure apply ANSYS software to optimize the design, so the single girder gantry crane can be designed with different lifting tonnage, lifting speed and work duty, improving operating performance, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Single beam gantry crane specification

* Used together with CD MD model electric hoist.

* Lifting capacity is 5 to 20 ton.

* Span is 12 to 30 meters

* Working temperature is -20°C to + 40°C.

* Appication: used at open or room ground and warehouses, yards etc.

* Control: ground control, cabin control, remote control

gantry crane

Single beam gantry crane Technical Feature

1. Single beam gantry crane applys independent drive, Germany reducer drive technology, smaller brake motor noise

2. Single beam gantry crane design and construction all follow the Chinese crane equipemt standards, and we supply service of Quality Assurance, Weld Test, Machine Test, Installation, On-site Testing, Training, etc. 

3. Single beam gantry crane control method: Groud control or Cabin control or Remote control

4. Single beam gantry crane has excellent PLC program to development capabilities, different control methods according to user needs

5. The good lubrication system, reduce the maintenance workload

6. The Single beam gantry crane steel surface has sandblasting treatment, high quality weld,  no welding whole, strong and beautiful, with primer and finishing paint, average thickness is about 100 microns

Smooth design helical gear, surface hardening and grinding process, drive more efficient

7. Single beam gantry crane electrical parts apply Siemens/Schneider brand

8. Single beam gantry crane apply dust proof construction TESC / TEFC Sq. cage motors, integrated safety brakes, insulation class F, to meet the need of frequent starting , reversing & braking

gantry craen

gantry crane

gantry crane

Single beam gantry crane Safety Protection

* Weight overload protection device

* Hooks with latch

* Top quality polyurethane materials buffer

* Crane traveling & lifting limit switch

* Emergency stop switch 

* Main lifting motor with thermal, earthing protection

* Voltage lower protection function

* Current overload protection system

gantry crane

gantry crane

gantry crane

gantry crane

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