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Lifting weight of Electric Hoist Single Girder Gantry Crane is 5 ton, 10 ton, 16 ton, 20 ton, composed of gantry frame (girder, leg, lower cross beam, and more), hoisting mechanism, traveling mechanism and electric control part.

Single Girder Gantry Crane metal structure is like the gate frame, the main girder is equipped with two supporting arms, which can walk directly on the ground rail, both ends of the main girder may have overhanging cantilever.

MH single girder gantry crane is one kind of medium and light duty gantry crane, the working duty is A3 - A5, is widely used to transport, assemble, check and repair as well as load and unload at workshop, warehouses, factory, mines, goods yard, freight yeard, outside area, and more

Loading capacity: 3 ~ 32T

Lifting height: 3 ~ 30M

Span: 6 ~ 35M

Working calss: A3 ~ A4

Power supply: 220 ~ 440V,50/60Hz,3Phase

Working temperature: -20-40 ℃

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Single Girder Gantry Crane characteristics

1. High utilization of space, large operating range, wide adaptability versatility

2. Lower dead weight, high degree of rigidity and smaller wheel loads

3. Precise electric control system, Siemens and other international brand

4. Modern cabin control with air conditioner to separate operators from harsh environment

5. Long working life with a low-maintenance, excellent exchange ability for parts and components

6. Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation

7. Have box-shape structure and truss structure for wind proof, have good techniques and easy fabrication, light dead weight and strong wind resistance

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Single Girder Gantry Crane Safety System

* Weight overload protection

* Top quality long life polyurethane buffer

* Crane traveling limit switch

* Voltage lower protection

* Emergency stop system

* Current overload protection

* Rain wind cover and more

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Loading capacity3 ~ 32t
Lifting height3 ~ 30 m or customized
Lifting speed

Single speed: 3 ~ 8 m/min; or customized

Variable frequency speed: 1 ~ 10 m/min; or customized

Span7~31.5 m
Lifting mechanismwire rope electric hoist
Working classA3 ~ A5
Working temperature-20 ~ 40 ℃
Power supplyAC-3Phase-220//230380/400/415/440V-50/60Hz
Control voltageDC-12 / 24V
Motor protection classIP54 IP55 IP65
Control wayGround handle control,wireless remote control,cabnient control
Safety deviceBuffer,current overload protection,overload device,power failure protection
Application areaFactory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logstic,etc.