Electric Wire Rope Hoist For Sale

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Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Sale

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Specification

* Loading capacity: 0.25 ~ 80t;

* Lifting height: 3 ~ 50m;

* Lifting speed: 0.3 ~ 8m/min;

* Power supply: 220 ~ 440V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase

* Working conditions:

Ambient temperature should be no more than 40 oC.

Controlled by push button or remote with VVVF.

Forbidden to use in easily combustible, explosive, corrosive, electromagnetic enviroment

Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Wire Rope Electric Hoist Application

CD and MD Electric Wire Rope Hoist is small type lifting equipment, which can be installed on single beam overhead crane, single beam gantry crane, jib crane or I-beam. 

CD Wire Rope Electric Hoist lifting speed is 7 m/min, to meet the general requirements, MD Wire Rope Electric Hoist has two lifting speed: 0.7 m/min and 7 m/min, when slow speed working, can meet the precision handling, sand box mold, machine maintenance and other fine operations requirements. So MD Electric Wire Rope Hoist is more widely used than CD Electric Wire Rope Hoist.

wire rope electric hoist

wire rope electric hoist

electric hoist

electric hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoist Features

1.Compacted structure,save the space

2.Aluminum alloy body, low self weight

3.Free-maintenance design,interchangeable of components;

4.The gear transmission was harden treatment, low noise, environmentally friendly

5.The waste spare parts won’t make a destory to surrounding environment

6.convenienct installation flexible operation.

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0.25~32 or as required

Lifting height


3~30 or as required

Lifting speed


0.35/3.5, 0.7/7, 7, 0.8/8, 8 or as required

Travelling speed


20/30 or as required

Wire rope





Working system


Power source

380V50Hz, 3-phase AC or as required