Double Girder Gantry Crane Uasge

Gantry crane is frame crane, our factory is the one of manufactures and suppliers, we offer heap price. gantry crane made in China can be divided into Single Girder Gantry Crane, Semi Gantry CraneDouble Girder Gantry Crane. Customized crane we will design for you.

Now, we will introduce the double girder gantry crane. Double girder gantry crane are mainly used for outdoor yard, goods, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations, high efficiency site operations, wide adaptability, versatility and other characteristics. According to the application form is can be divided into the following:

Ordinary gantry crane

Box type and lattice structure, the most widely used. Can carry a variety of items and bulk materials, lifting weight upto 100 tons, span 4~39 meters. Common Crane refers to hook, grab, electromagnetic, hoist gantry crane.

Container gantry cranes

Container terminal, unload containers from ship to yard or load goods to ship or behind the back, It can directly stack container, stack height 3~4, width 6 rows of container yard, General equip with tire wheels, also can be used for railway.

Shipbuilding gantry cranes

Used for assembling slip, has two main hook. Lifting weight 100~1500 tons; span 185 meters, lifting speed 2~15 m/min, and fretting speed 0.1~0.5 m/min.

Gantry crane for hydropower plant

Mainly used for installing and lifting gate. Lifting capacity 80~500 tons, span 8~16 meters; lifting speed 1~5 m/min.