Jib Crane Manufacturer Cantilever Crane Types Design

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The jib Crane is composed by vertical shaft, revolving arm, rotating shaft, hoist, bottom, can 360 degrees to lift, move and materials handling, It is suitable to work in the dock, warehouse, workshop, mines, harbors, etc. Cantilever Crane is simple structure, easy operatation, high versatility, smooth operation, energy saving, save space, safe and reliable.

Jib Crane Control method:

Remote control, Pendent line with press button

Cantilever Crane Safe features:

Hook lock

Overload protective device

Polyurethane buffer

Lifting and traveling limit switch

Low voltage protection function

Emergency stop system

Current overload protection function

Jib Crane type

Cantilever Crane has some different types according to usage workste, structure, the Following are the mainly used types.

1. Fixed Cantilever Crane, this type jib crane was mounted on floor with bolt, it has a round bottom with flange.

2. Mobile Jib Crane, the type Cantilever Crane bottom has four wheels, can move at the worksite

3. Wall Mounted Cantilever Crane, this type jib crane has no stand column, it is used bolts mounted on the wall, the rotate arm can 180 degree roration.

4. Wall Traveling Jib Crane, it is the transformation of Wall Mounted Cantilever Crane, can travel by the track mounted on wall.

Beside, the Jib crane also has other special types, such as Crank-type Jib Crane, Gnatry type JIb Crane, if you want, please feel free to contact us.