Types of Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist, a kind of electric hoist, widely used in indoor and outdoor, sometimes it is manual type chain hoist. Jinrui company is one of professional manufacturers and suppliers, our factory supply customized design service and cheap price.

Electric Chain Hoist suitable for USA market

Rated voltage: 110V or 120V

Lifting weight: 880kg

Lifting height: 12/6m

Lifting speed: 10 and 5m/minute


CK Series Lever Block Lifting electric Chain hoist

Capacity: 0.25- 20 ton

Max. Lifting height: 2.5 - 3.0 m

Chain pull load: 7.5-300 KN

Lifting height can be added


HS Electric hoist chain block  

Capacities: 0.25 - 20 ton

Max. Lifting height: 5M and can be customized

Running test load: 7.5 -  250 kN

Double speed

ISO 9001:2008 -approved

UAL speed Electric chain hoist 

Capacities: 0.5 - 3 tons

Lifting height: 3m

Running speed: 7/2.3, 6/2, 3/1 and 2/0.7m/min

Control voltage: 24V

ISO 9001:2008 -approved

Nylon rope pulley hoist 6mm x 20M rope size

Capacity: 500kg

Rope length: 20m

Rope diameter: 6mm

different rope length available

ISO 9001:2008 -approved

VT Series Pull-lift Chain Lever Hoist  

Capacity: 0.75 -6 tons

Max. Lift height: 1.5m

ISO 9001:2008 -approved

And all of them:

High tensile safety hook with latch

Both single phase and three phase are available

Smooth operation

Double enclosure to keep out rain water and dust

Overload limiter protects

Third-party trademarks available

Experienced Staff

Prompt Delivery

Small Orders Accepted