5 ton & 10 ton EOT Crane Deliver To Uzbekistan

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5 ton & 10 ton single girder EOT crane deliver to Uzbekistan

August, 23th, 2016, one set 5 ton bridge crane and two sets 10 ton overhead crane deliver to Uzbekistan for moving concrete blocks in whopshop.

5 ton EOT crane specification:

Crane Capacity is about 4 ton according to the block, we suggest the customers apply 5 ton to avoid overload.

Users ask the lifting height should be not excced 7.5m, for the workshop height is about 7.5m, we suggest using 6m according to workshop height and working condition.

Crane span: according to worshop width, 13.9m.
Traveling length: 35 m
10 ton overhead crane specification:
Crane Capacity: 10 ton
Lifting height: 6 m, same as the 5 ton Bridge crane
Span: 20 m, in the different workshop with  5 ton overhead crane
Traveling length: 35 m, same as 5 ton EOT crane because workshop size.

All goods: three overhead crane, electric system and the track railway, guide the users to build the steel structure in local.