Mobile Lifter Safety Notice Requirement

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Mobile lifter is known as Guide Rail Lift Table, is an important equipment in the high-rise construction  buildings, also the accident-prone construction equipment, and because it can cause a major accident injuries, should be paid special attention to the operations, the followings are prohibited items of lifting cargo elevator:

1. Strictly prohibit dangerous goods, flammable goods, must not smoke, fire at the Mobile lifter working.

2. Strictly prohibit any person operation, standing, walking under the Guide Rail Lift Table frame, Lifting basket, lifting frame wellhead and hanging object.

3. Strictly prohibit playing, wrangling and throwing things from a height in the lifting cargo elevator operation site.

4. Strictly prohibit Guide Rail Lifter operations at in the dangerous high-voltage power supply area.

5. Strictly prohibit up and down cross operations in the same location simultaneously without security measures.

6. Strictly prohibit high working without railings or other security measures, and must not walking on a single line wall.

7. Strictly prohibit wearing slippers, without helmet and work permits,  strictly prohibit carry children into the construction operations site.