Overhead Crane Safety Inspection Before Operation

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Overhead Crane safety inspections can ensure the safe operation of overhead bridge cranes, during routine safety examination, please pay attention to following checking key points:


(1) Make sure lifting height limiter, traveling limit switches and interlocking institutions is always safety and reliability.


(2) The main components must strictly conform to the safety requirements:

Hook bushing wear 50%, hook shaft wear is less than 5%, no peeling, burrs, welding. Hook and pulleys performance is good without obvious flaws.

The wire rope wear and corrosion is smaller than 40% of wire diameter, no breakage, no significant thinning, coreless extrusion, no twisting, no extrusion, no annealing, no overburning. Wire rope end connects with fixing clamp, no loose, plate is not less than 2, clip number is not less than 3.

Drum has no crack, no loose connection, cylinder wall wear is smaller than 20% of the wall thickness. Drum and wire rope diameter ratio meets the requirements. Balance wheel fix intactly, shall conform to the requirements of wire rope.

Brakes has no crack, no loose, no serious wear, brake clearance on both sides is equal size, must has sufficient brake force, brake wear is smaller than 50% of original thickness.


Overhead Bridge Hoist Crane safety checks can prevent personal injury, reduce accidents, improve equipment operation performance, save maintenance costs. it play a significant role in the Overhead Bridge Hoist Crane operation.