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Crane machine lubrication notes

10 15, 2019

Lubrication is one of the important measures to ensure the normal operation of the crane machine, extend the life of the equipment, improve efficiency and safe production. Maintenance personnel should fully understand the importance of equipment lubrication, frequently check the lubrication of each moving parts, and regularly add to each lubrication point.

Lubrication notes:

1. Keep the crane machine lubricating oil clean;

2. Different grades of lubricating oil should not be mixed;

3. Select the appropriate lubricating oil for lubrication according to the specified time;

4. Use the pressure grease method to add oil or grease, so that the oil or grease can be squeezed onto the friction surface to prevent the friction surface from entering when rubbed by hand.

5. Sodium-based grease should not be used in wet areas, because it is hydrophilic and easy to fail;

6. Without the rotating part of the oil filling point, the thin oil should be regularly used in each rotating gap to reduce the friction of the crane machine and prevent rust.

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