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New and practical crane machine

10 17, 2019

With the continuous development of technology, crane machines are constantly developing and progressing. The crane machine adopts thin-walled profiles steels, reduces the structure of the joint welds, and improves the fatigue resistance. It adopts various high-strength and low-alloy steel materials to improve the load-carrying capacity, improve the stress conditions, reduce the self-weight and increase the appearance.

The crane machine technology develops new transmission components and simplifies the mechanism. The "three-in-one" running mechanism combines the motor, reducer and brake into one, which has the advantages of compact structure, light and beautiful appearance, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple adjustment, stable operation and large matching range.

In terms of electronic control, the crane machine develops the speed control system and electronic control system with good performance, low cost and high reliability, and develops semi-automatic and fully automatic operation; adopts electromechanical instrument liquid integration technology to improve the performance and reliability.

Double girder overhead crane

overhead crane

Single girder gantry crane

gantry crane


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